Thursday, September 23, 2010

This position is not meant to hurt, offend or single out any one of us, as we are ALL flawed human beings who naturally fail to measure up to the moral standard of Judeo-Christian values: none of us should EVER use God's loving advice in order to point out, or call attention to the struggles of another human being.

Reflecting on the fruit that our conduct bears helps all of us understand the purpose of Judeo-Christian values, and in that, it helps us see that such values are nothing more than advice from a loving Father, a Father who is unlimited by time, and who knows our hearts and needs better than any of us ever will. Such values are very clearly advice from a loving Father (God) to us, His children, who He clearly does not want to ever see hurting, or even bickering amongst eachother. None of us, naturally, would or could create Judeo-Christian values in their entirety - we don't know ourselves which conduct causes us pain and which conduct does not, unless it is plainly obvious. We, like children, need advice from One who is unlimited by time, and who foresees the conduct we engage in and the "fruit" it produces. And then, He warns us either against it, or advises us to embrace it.

It is trust in God and knowledge of His wisdom (through personal reflection of our own conduct and the fruit it produces) that is, or at least SHOULD BE, the basis for conservative views. It is NOT to point out struggles each of us have, and our failings, but instead, it guides us all in joy and peace, so that peace spreads among one another, instead of other negative emotions (sadness, anger, jealousy, frustration, impatience, etc.).

None of us live up to conservative standards naturally, which is why to point out the struggles and failings of others when they are already aware of them is useless, hurtful, and thus, wrong.

But like children who do not naturally live up to the advice/rules of their loving parents, this does not make such advice/rules incorrect, or wrong; the same concept holds true for God's loving advice/rules for us.

Our personal struggles and how we feel inside do not make any of us an "abomination," so long as we focus on what is best for us and for those around us, and to strive in always conducting ourselves in ways that help heal ourselves and others. Loving one's neighbor calls each of us to refuse conduct that we may enjoy, but that proves to be hurtful to ourselves and/or to those around us... and of course, to those even beyond our sphere of influence.

Being imperfect, we are entirely unable to live up to even some Judeo-Christian values, without God's grace. Let us always work toward loving one another, and reflect on our conduct and the fruit it produces for us and for others (something as small as impatience, or something as large as rage/anger/hate), and lovingly encourage one another in an honest and sincere way... because the truth is, none of us are without sin, giving none of us the right to torment fellow sinners.

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