Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fr. William Casey on the Eucharist

Fr. William Casey on the Biblical roots of the power of prayer & the obligation to pray for one another (especially for the deceased)

"The Biblical Story of the [Roman Catholic] Mass" (particularly, its Old and New Testament roots)

Knowing God Exists/Hell is the consequence of choosing not to know God during one's life

"What did Jesus teach about the Holy Trinity?"

"What did Jesus reveal about Himself?"

"What is Mortal Sin?"

What was the Original Sin in Genesis (Adam and Eve)?

"In what ways has God shown His love for us?"

"How was Man Created?"

"Why do so Few People Pay Attention to God?"

No one Made God; We are His Creation

"Who is God?"

"Can There be More Than One God?"

"Does Every Person Have a Desire For God?"